A few months after a very unexpected move from Manhattan to a small town in the gold-rushed foothills of Northern California, my nighttime dreams were suddenly filled with crystals, gold, and memories of fairytales from childhood. An overwhelming urge to craft objects with crystals and minerals quickly expanded into offering collections of crystals for sale in their raw, organic form. I chose the name Goldirocks for my new business adventure to honor my childhood love of fairytales, and as a reminder of the magical messages of unlimited possibility that fairytales hold -- and also because, without fail, people chuckle when they first hear the name, and what's better than making people smile?!


As a child of the 90s, my lifelong love affair with crystals has been aligned with their renaissance in our modern “new age,” and I've spent countless hours tucked away in metaphysical shops and bookstores, absorbing all I could about the gifts these rocks hold. I carefully hand-select crystals from all over the world, choosing specimens for their unique vibration as well as their physical beauty. They have been cleansed and charged in sunlight and moonlight, and have had the sacred songs of Bach, Mozart, and Hildegard von Bingen sung into them, infusing them with powerful vibrational magic. Crystals and music are a potent, ancient pairing, and it is a joy to combine my knowledge as an international musician and sound healer with my lifelong love of crystals, creating the high-vibration, sparkly mix that is Goldirocks. 


copyright Yulia Van Doren 2017